For complete studio living solutions.

These Italian Wall beds and table units offer maximum flexibility in small space living by integrating bookshelves; sofas; desks and even tables into their stylish designs. Sofa, bookcase or desk by day - bed by night!

FLAT Vertical Smartbed
A low profile Smartbed (29 cm deep) that can vanish into your room. It can be matched with bookshelves or have a folding desk added to it.
JOE Freestanding Smartbed
A freestanding vertical Smartbed with a two seater sofa.
HOUDINI Smartbed with a simple sofa
A Vertical SmartBed with a sofa - dual purpose furniture at its best!
DILE Smartbed with sofa
The DILE Smartbed combines a full size comfortable bed with a comfortable lounge, complete with under-seat and in-arm storage.
GHOST 3 seater + chaise longue
The GHOST 3 seater sofa Smartbed with side bookshelf; under-seat storage, and optional chaise lounge.
ABE Freestanding bed with desk
A freestanding horizontal Smartbed with a desk in King Single or Queen size
FLAT Horizontal Bed
A low profile (290mm) horizontal wall bed with optional fold down desk, and above bed bookcase.
DOTTO Smartbed with desk
A horizontal SmartBed with a generous desk and optional bookcase
Queensize SWIVEL bookcase bed
A bookcase and SmartBed in one, with the option of adding a table as well for efficient small space living
Single SWIVEL bookcase and Smartbed
A bed hidden behind the bookcase, with an optional table for dining or as a study/work space.
SmartBeds Harry Desk and Shelf bed
A Vertical SmartBed; a desk and a bookshelf - perfect for the home study
SmartBeds Joker with Bookcase
A single horizontal SmartBed with the option of a bookcase
HOUDINI Horizontal
A sofa and bed in one perfect for studio living.
A horizontal bed with generous lounge, pairs perfectly with an optional bookcase above, as shown here.
OFFICE Storage with folding table
Need an office in a small space? This is perfect, a deep storage cabinet with a desk that folds up to hide your work materials when not in use.
MIA folding table and unit
A narrower profile than the OFFICE, this unit comes complete with a fold down desk/dining or craft table to provide additional workspace when needed.
BATA Table
Why stop at beds! Make the most of your space with a folding table as well. It can also attached to the Girevole revolving beds.
BEKI Folding table
Can be mounted to your wall or the front of the FLAT bed to create additional working surface
Colour Charts for Smartbeds
Please click on this image to see the range of colours available for Smartbeds - with your choice of cabinetry either made in Australia or in Italy.
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