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Property Centrepiece

“What do you want your room to do for you?”

It’s an unusual question – but the first one that Sue Frendin will ask you when you get in touch with Fold Out Furniture.




We now have the important opportunity to think about how we use the space we have.

Downsizing?  Seeking a more efficient and sustainable way of living?

Flexibility is now the answer – you do not have to sacrifice living space for comfortable living spaces for guests and family.

Cubix-S011 (4).jpg



Fold Out Furniture specialises in quality furniture that can do more than one thing – it transforms from one function to another to allow the most flexible use of space.


How a wall bed can enhance a property and cater to the needs of various lifestyles.

IMG_1430 2.jpeg

Sue Frendin, Founder and Managing Director of Fold OutFurniture, tells us how flexible furniture is not only the key to a multi-functional space, but is also truly fabulous.

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