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Transformable furniture puts more space in your life


Why Wall Beds and transformable furniture?


Australia - traditionally the land of wide open spaces and sizeable homes - now faces increasing real estate prices and the need to live in a more sustainable way.

Flexibility is the answer. You no longer need to sacrifice your comfortable living space. Multi-tasking furniture is the future.

You may not require a spare bed, or dining table for 12 people all the time, so why not reduce the footprint of your furniture when it’s not needed.

Working from home has now become part of our lives - how about a foldable desk, or a transformable wall bed that converts into a workstation, or a coffee table that elevates into a work surface?

Whether you need that extra space for your family, business or study, new hobbies or daily workouts, we may have the solution for you!

Space can be flexible - so can your furniture.

Come and explore your possibilities.

Our Story

In 2015, when setting up my own business in Tasmania, it became clear that my small spare bedroom that was dominated by a double bed (for occasional guests and family) was not going to function as my home office very effectively.

I had vague memories of those great 'fold out beds' from the old movies, and so I set out to find one. What surprised me was that there was very little information about Wall Beds. My love of research, design and renovation took me on a 'discovery tour of Wall Beds' in Sydney and Melbourne. I fell in love with the whole concept, and was very excited about their potential application for our busy lives here in Tasmania.

During this time, I identified the brands that offered the widest range of Wall Beds - in terms of styles; quality and affordability - whilst also catering to DIY through to customised options. I believe it's important for people to see these beds and experience them in person, so I collaborated with my friends Wayne and Donna from Genuine Joinery to create the very first ‘Fold Out Furniture’ showroom in Tasmania.

Now it is 2023, and as our team has grown so has our vision. We’ve witnessed how Wall Beds have provided a cost effective solution to meet people's needs, whilst freeing up space in domestic; commercial; healthcare; tourism and holiday home settings.

We have also expanded our range with many other wonderful space saving furniture items - gorgeous transformable tables and multifunctional furniture that has inspired us further! Now with showrooms in Melbourne and Hobart, we are excited to support you with  transformable and space saving furniture, and help you find the perfect solution for your home.


Sue Frendin, Managing Director, Owner, Fold Out Furniture

Putting more space in your life!


Proud distributor of the following products in Australia:

Pezzani; Ozzio; Easyline; Wallbeds Australia; Smartbeds by Colombo 907


Sue Frendin, Managing Director 

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