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Industry and Professional Support


Wall Beds have many applications to many industries - their use is only limited by your imagination! 

We would be happy to work with you, to identify which Wall Bed is most suited to your clients needs and context. 


Call us today to discuss how Fold Out Furniture can add value to your clients' home or work environment.

Interior Designers and Architects


Clients downsizing, building granny flats or a studio? Help them find ways to maximise their space and minimise their footprint with the use of a Wall Bed...


Renovations underway but the budget doesnt quite stretch to another room for a dedicated home office/guestroom? Help solve the problem by showing them how a room can multi-task through the use of a customised solution with a Wall Bed!


Accomodation developments needing to make smaller living spaces more user friendly? A Wall Bed with a built in desk or bookcase is a perfect solution!



Joiners and Builders


Helping customers achieve a streamlined and efficient use of space when building or renovating can made easier with the use of a Wall Bed.  


The Pardo mechanisms are especially desined for customised client solutions - allowing you to work with the client to install a wallbed of their own design and imagination - help them liberate their space!

Health Services & Hospitality Industry


Carers needing to stay overnight with community clients?


Family members sitting in armchairs all night, staying beside loved ones in hospitals?

Foldaway beds needed for the extra guests in the hotel room?


Wall Beds are not only a great space saver - but also provide a comfortable solution to help avoid the potential OH&S issues associated with moving those fold-away beds; or for carers sleeping rough on sofas.



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