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Murphy beds


Wall beds with sofas, bookcases and desks

Transformable tables

From console table to dining table for 12

Coffee table to work table

Coffee table to dining table 

Folding chairs 


Solutions for all situations 



Fold Out Furniture...

putting more space into your life .

FOLD OUT FURNITURE: proud supplier of quality Wall Beds  and space saving furniture
New Hobart Showroom opens
We are so very excited to be in our new showroom at 39 Burnett St in North Hobart.
Call us on 0499 88 3400 to make an appointment to come and see our extensive range of DIY and imported wall beds and transformable furniture.
Imported Italian SMARTBEDS
For complete studio living solutions, integrating bookshelves, sofas, desks and even tables, these Italian Wall Beds offer maximum style and flexibility in small space living.
DIY Flatpak beds
Specializing in Murphy Bed design Wall Beds. The NeXt Bed and Alpha Wall Bed offer DIY flat pack solutions (with and without side shelves, drawers and cupboards) through to Wall Bed Frames and DIY kits for the handyman.
Wall Bed Mechanisms for joiners
For the customized home solution - let your joiner, designer or architect integrate these mechanisms into your renovation, granny flat or new home design to maximise your space in an efficient and stylish way.
Real life stories from our clients
If you would like some inspiration as to how people have used wall beds in their homes- click on this photo to see the attached newsletter, or visit the 'Gallery' tab on the menu.
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