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Ulisse is a versatile extendable console table crafted with a robust painted steel sheet frame. Its tabletop and extensions are fashioned from eco-friendly 18 mm laminate, ensuring both style and sustainability. This contemporary piece is available in an array of attractive colours, making it adaptable to diverse settings.


Inside its structure, Ulisse cleverly conceals four extensions, each measuring 60 cm, which double as the table's base. The table is supported by folding legs made of satin stainless steel and an extendable aluminum guide. This multifunctional console can also serve as a desk or a small table. When fully extended with all four extensions, it spans an impressive 285 cm, comfortably accommodating up to 12 people (or 14 in the 0/416 model).

Screen Shot 2023-10-05 at 5.01.12 pm.png
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