The Streamline One Piece Door Mechanism



















Leg Mechanism






Mattress Base














The STREAMLINE ONE PIECE DOOR mechanism creates a seamless look when integrated into your customised WallBed solution. 

This is the MECHANISM only.


The mechanism is available in Double and Queen sizes 


The mechanism is designed for vertical wallbeds


The mechanism needs to be integrated into your customised cabinetry, and securely fixed to the wall.


We supply the mechanism and you supply the cabinetry to customise your own wall bed solution. 


Tension adjustable, fully enclosed mechanism. Adjustable to suit different weighted mattresses and doors 


Sturdy powder coated leg which is manually folded down before lowering the bed.


The cabinetry forms the bed frame. The mattress support slats attach to this


Cambered beech slat mattress supports in flexi cups which attach to the cabinetry


No cabinetry is provided with this mechanism.  

A complete cutting list and installation guide is provided with the bed, along with mounting brackets, bolts and screws. The design integrates a pillow catch board at the head of the bed to prevent pillows slipping down behind the bed during the night. 


Mattress sold seperately Standard innerspring matresses are recommended. Maximum mattress thickness 250 mm.


2 year warranty




Measurements - space required


Cabinetry is not supplied with this mechanism.


Please contact us for prices

Fold Down Leg Streamline Pardo
Fold Down Leg Streamline Pardo
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Streamline one piece door Pardo
Streamline one piece door Pardo
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Manual Foot slat and spring case single
Manual Foot slat and spring case single
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